• Gas Boiler Servicing

  • Gas boiler servicing is one of the most important safety jobs around the home! Here at Gas Assist Heating & Plumbing Ltd, we offer gas boiler servicing for homes and businesses in and around the Swadlincote & Burton on Trent wider areas. As Gas Safe Registered boiler and central heating experts, we provide boiler servicing as a core service because we know it’s a great way to keep you & your family safe in your home.  However, keeping your boiler running efficiently will also save you money!

    With annual gas boiler servicing , not only do you keep your boiler running efficiently but you can also reduce your energy bills and increase the life span of your boiler.

    A boiler service can help to identify any issues with your boiler before they turn into major problems. Don't wait until the most inconvenient time for your boiler to break down!

  • Gas Boiler Servicing When Convenient to You

    When we carry out any services on boilers in the Swadlincote & Burton on Trent areas, we’ll try to come at a convenient time for you and will do our best to cause as little disruption to your home life routine. When it comes to needing an annual boiler service, get in touch with Gas Assist Plumbing & Heating Ltd; we cover the whole of The Midlands area.

  • What's Included in a Boiler Service

    Many people in Swadlincote & Burton on Trent, like you, are little unsure what's involved in a gas boiler service. There is a suspicion that very little is done really during a boiler service and is it worthwhile.

    That is why it is important to use the services of a trusted, qualified and Gas Safe Registered plumber like Gas Assist Heating and Plumbing Ltd to carry out your service. That way you can be sure of safety and value for money.

    So, what do we do during your service?

    • The gas pressure will be checked to ensure adequate for your boilers BTU rating
    • We visually check your gas boiler for leaks & corrosion
    • We thoroughly inspect & test your boiler for safe operation
    • The main components will be checked to ensure their correct functioning
    • We carry out a flue test to ensure no unsafe emissions are being released inside your home
    • Where necessary your boiler and parts will be cleaned 
    • We complete the boiler service by returning everything tidily & put the casing back correctly

    What happens if not carried out regularly...

    Well, in most cases, everything should be OK, but you won't know for sure. That is, until it is too late and very inconvenient!

    The complete gas boiler system is inspected and tested for correct installation and optimum operation. A wide variety of things go wrong with gas installations and the gas regulations exist to make sure installations are safe.

    Good quality boiler servicing, in summary, makes sure your installation is safe and efficient.

  • How Often Should My Boiler Be Serviced?

    It's very much up to you and how often do you want your system to be inspected and confirmed safe?

    The general guidance from manufacturers is an annual service.

    Balance Flue Gas Boilers

    Whilst balanced flue appliances are less critical, you will find most manufacturers still advise annual servicing. However, many gas fitters believe bi-annually is sufficient as flue problems are rarer and generally less serious. Balanced flue boilers draw in air from outside your home which means the burner airways don't get clogged with household debris such as pet hair, dust, carpet fibres and so on so cleaning requirements are less frequent.

    Open Flue Gas Boilers

    Open flue gas boilers should be serviced every year. It is mostly open flue gas appliances that cause death through carbon monoxide poisoning. This occurs because it is easier for noxious exhaust gasses to get into the house when something goes wrong with the flue / ventilation systems.

    Regular servicing helps identify flue related problems early, saving lives!

  • As you can see, there are many very good reasons to have your boiler serviced by a professional Gas Safe registered plumber. If you’re based in Swadlincote, Burton on Trent, Ashby de la Zouch or any surrounding towns and you require boiler servicing, be sure to call Gas Assist Heating & Plumbing Ltd today.