• Central Heating

  • Gas Assist Heating and Plumbing Ltd are Gas Safe Registered central heating installers in Swadlincote and operate throughout the area including Burton on Trent, Ashby de la Zouch, Derby and surrounding areas. We provide good quality annual central heating servicing.

  • Central Heating Installers in Swadlincote

    With many years experience, Gas Safe Registered and dedication to proper, old fashioned levels of customer service, you can trust Gas Assist Heating and Plumbing Ltd to do a great job installing your new or replacement central heating system.

    A new boiler coupled with the latest designs in radiators will not only enhance the beauty of your home and improve the efficiency, saving you money, but with Gas Assist you will find it quite affordable!

  • Central Heating Servicing

    Don't wait for your boiler or central heating system to break down, get it serviced annually and relax safe in the knowledge your hot water and heating will be there when you need it, every time.

    As well as being preventative and avoiding costly call out charges, having your system serviced will bring other benefits too. Because the system efficiency degrades slowly over time as scale, sludge & rust builds up, you don't often notice. A service and / or powerflush will get your system working efficiently again saving you money and keeping you warmer.

    Contact us today for a free no obligation quote or read below about the benefits of a powerflush.

  • Central Heating System Power Flush

    If your home or business has any of the following symptoms it is likely to benefit from a powerflush.

    • Blocked radiators
    • Boiler regularly shuts down and needs restarting
    • Noisy radiators and or / boiler
    • Cold spots on radiators or cold radiators
    • Radiators that often need bleeding
    • Noisy / rattly pump
    • Central heating pump failure
    • Heating circulation problems
    • System seems to take ages to heat up
    • Radiators not as hot as they should be
  • What is a Powerflush?

    If you have never heard of a powerflush before then your central heating may not be operating as efficiently as it could!

    A central heating flush or powerflush works by filling your system with chemicals and circulating it through your heating system. This dislodges any internal corrosion or rust that builds up over time and starts to reduce the heating effectiveness.

    The powerflush machine and attached magnetic filter, which collects the dislodged black sludge, are connected in the place of the circulatory pump. The chemicals are then pushed into the heating system to dislodge the build up followed by a cleaning solution to flush the system. Finally, neutralising crystals are passed through the system to balance the pH levels.

    The process is repeated until the water runs clear and the pH levels are balanced.

  • What are the Benefits of a Powerflush?

    Often with things like routine maintenance you get the satisfaction that everything is in order and less likely to fail but you don't notice any difference day to day. However, with a powerflush you will normally get some very noticeable improvements!

    • Radiators will get hotter and heat up quicker
    • Life will seem peaceful with quieter radiators & boiler
    • Lower energy bills through greater efficiency
    • You will enjoy a hotter bath as the water can heat up properly

    And you will also benefit from:

    • A more reliable central heating system, i.e. less chance of breakdown
    • An increased life of your heating system, saving you hassle and money

    So, experience the warmth of a home with a well serviced and powerflushed system. Call us for a no obligation quote today!